So what does it mean if he calls you beautiful? We look to answer that question here in this article. The word beautiful means something very pretty to look at, but guys can say that to a woman they are dating for many different reasons.

He’s appreciating your youthful inner self

But in reality, nobody assumes you have no friends, so you don’t need the proof. There’s always the potential that they aren’t at all who they say they are. This is slightly more rare than the other options, but it definitely happens. Beware of anyone who doesn’t have sufficient photos, is really vague, or is making your B.S. It’s really convenient to have emotional support on call from strangers at the drop of a hat.

Why Would He Tell You That You’re Cute (Instead of Pretty)?

As diligent researchers, we all started to dig into this a little deeper. Either by means of some sneaky directive skills or simply by asking other men. Giving someone a compliment such as telling them that they are beautiful is a form of flirting at times. Therefore, if you are just starting out dating a guy, or you are friends with guys who call you beautiful, it could be that they are flirting with you. A man likes to be in a relationship with a woman that he thinks is stunning.

Not every man on a dating site is actually open to meeting someone in person. Some are married or in a relationship, but they are online because they want a backup plan, just in case. Some are men who want female attention but who don’t want to get involved with anyone. Sometimes it’s tough to pick a pet name for a guy because you don’t want to make him feel like he’s less of a man. Even if he’s from a culture where it’s fairly common to use the word love to refer to a woman, he could still have a different reason for calling you that.

Maybe you were shocked the first time he called you love. He decided to call you by this nickname for reasons unknown to you. A guy might be focused on the visual and notice something about you that’s beautiful to him. If you two have been friends for quite a while and the nickname comes out of the blue, it usually means he has developed strong feelings for you. While being called cute might not always be what you want to hear, at the end of the day it’s a flattering compliment.

The word cute feels like a direct attack on your sex appeal. When a guy compliments you like that, he’s talking about more than sexual attraction. He could have said sexy or pretty, but he chose to call you beautiful. If you want to know whether a guy thinks about you, you can know in a number of ways.

” and opts for more interesting, open-ended questions, it’s because he’s genuinely interested in getting to know you more intimately. If a man genuinely likes you, he will focus entirely on YOU, not other women. If he’s a shy, introverted, lacking in confidence kind of guy, he might become incredibly awkward around you if he’s attracted to you.

He Cares About What Your People Think of Him

It’s a key indication that he thinks that you are an admirable person with lots of fantastic qualities. Especially if he calls you cute after something funny happened to the both of you or you’re enjoying time together he’s poking fun a bit but also low-key flirting. If a guy feels shy but he’s burning up inside with desire and attraction sometimes cute is the best he can do.

They like interacting even if they have no intention of dating the other women. This is a self-serving date and shows a lack of emotional maturity which can be true for a man of any age. Unfortunately, not everyone we like is LesbieDates worth it will always like us back. It’s just the tough truth about dating — it does not mean there’s anything undesirable about you. As my grandma used to say, there’s a lid for every pot, and your lid is somewhere out there.

However, everyone is different and prefers different forms of communication. With texting, it can be harder to read someone’s tone whereas phone calls provide you with better context. This can lead to a lot of unnecessary misunderstandings.

So before you jump to conclusions, before you start speculating, you have to weigh up whether you’ve ever directly asked him about it or whether the topic as a whole has been broached. Now I HAVE to raise the point that if it hasn’t been discussed, you can’t really be too hard on him and you certainly can’t make presumptions. He’s not as committed, not as interested or invested and is ultimately going to prove to be a bit of a waste of time. If you had the conversation with him, he’d probably happily delete them – or if you told him it bothered you even, the same thing.