Cloud migration has been a major player in digital transformation over the past decade. As more organizations migrate to cloud environments, they’re adopting multicloud strategies that enable higher efficiencies, resilient infrastructures, and economies of scale. Although SAP data migration to Azure can be a daunting prospect, it also represents an important chance for enterprises to move into the future. NetApp® offers the tools and expertise you need for a smooth ride to the other side of cloud migration, where opportunities await.

In either case you have hurdles to overcome with how changes will move through the SAP landscape while the migration is in progress. Yet, despite the business benefits and looming deadline, many enterprises have remained hesitant to begin the process. A project of this scope and scale can be daunting, and some enterprises have legitimate concerns about security, availability, downtime, and other risks. These concerns are valid and can be mitigated with the right plan in place and partner to consult with throughout the process. The development and integration platform’s in-memory technology enables users to access their data quicker and “in real time” to speed up processes. Refactoring/rearchitecting entails redesigning the current legacy landscape in a cloud-based manner.

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Most large companies in Brazil that do upgrade choose to implement SAP S/4HANA on a public cloud they already use, continuing to work with a cloud provider and service partners they know and trust, the report says. Midmarket enterprises are more likely to choose the RISE with SAP transformation-as-a-service program, usually for its simplicity. Process optimization is a critical part of achieving key SAP cloud migration benefits like cost reduction, higher efficiency, improved customer service and more. As such, organizations are making process mining a priority throughout their cloud migration process. In research that SAPinsider conducted in the second half of 2021, 88% of respondents indicated that they are running at least some SAP workloads in the cloud.

NTT Data Acquires SAP Cloud Consulting Partner Natuvion Group – ChannelE2E

NTT Data Acquires SAP Cloud Consulting Partner Natuvion Group.

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In an increasingly unpredictable environment, our in-house experts help the company to transact, evaluate and forecast in real-time. With our validated methodology, we can accelerate the shift to SAP S/4HANA. Reducing data size would allow the relocation of databases to take less time.

Moreover, while larger networks like AWS offer greater capability, due to their scale and value, they tend to draw more attention from cybercriminals, thus putting them at higher risk of attack. Companies of all sizes are susceptible to attack and more companies have realized that cloud based environments such as AWS can match or surpass their own security capacities. Understandably, such concerns could hold a company back from SAP on premise to AWS cloud migration.

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As you can imagine there is great power involved in being able to modify networks, provision compute, maintain firewall rules, control backups… you get the picture. Understanding IAM allows you to ensure that these functions are assigned to the appropriate people. Your certified public cloud partner can evaluate your IAM access controls and recommend the best security model.

Creation of proof of concepts demonstrating customer KPI adherence for migration to Azure. Our SAP on Azure solution is backed by rich experience and a strong 3-way partnership with SAP & Microsoft to make the transformation possible with near zero disruption. Innoval, a proven player in the SAP and cloud space can help you migrate all your on premise SAP systems to cloud and thereby reducing the cost and increasing the value of your SAP investments. Red Hat SAP Technical Account Managers to help customers optimize the use of SAP solutions on Red Hat technologies. Determine if your team has the right skills to operate SAP S/4HANA on Linux. Consider training to ensure that your organization’s system administrators can install, operate, and get the most out of your SAP products on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux.

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Get insights into your dependencies using automated cloud migration tools. Inventory your infrastructure and assess your on-premises environments—get right-sizing guidance, workload-level cost estimates, and performance metrics. We integrate innovative processes, tools, and solutions to help you ensure that your data migration is carried out quickly and effectively. We use our industrialized data migration factory to combine data migration with an effective archival strategy. Linux is able to provide SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA with a solid foundation to deliver stability, performance, greater security, flexibility, and availability at scale.

Many clients have an existing cloud preference or policy for infrastructure other than SAP. It’s important to work with these policies and build on the relationships a client may already have. This will probably dictate which cloud provider the client needs to move their SAP environment to. From the business side, a lot of our clients are facing upgrades to the latest version of SAP when, in all honesty, most of them may not need to.

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Microsoft and SAP have worked together closely for decades, and they’ve collaborated to create a seamless process for SAP cloud migration. Network Connectivity between the public cloud and customer sites such as datacenters, corporate offices, branch offices, field locations, warehouses, etc. If your existing on-prem systems or systems at your hosting provider have access to a location this means that your systems in the public cloud will also need to have access to these same locations. If you are currently in a hosting provider’s datacenter, you’ll also need to make sure that the network connectivity between your on-premises networks are ready for the new public cloud connectivity.

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It features a column-based in-memory database that you can deploy locally or in the cloud. We offers a proven process to support the transition and transformation of your SAP environments to the cloud. Use this checklist to help inform your decision and explore your database migration options. While SAP HANA has run on Linux® since 2010, when the database was first released, SAP HANA now runs exclusively on the Linux operating system.

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Help ensure the proper configuration of your current and future landing zones by expanding and validating landing zone modifications with SAP BTP readiness best practices. Explore our latest thought leadership, ideas, and insights on the issues that are shaping the future of business and society. Seek advice and assistance from users and professionals to reduce risks and loss of productivity.

SAP migration to the cloud

Choose a partner with intimate knowledge of your industry and first-hand experience of defining its future. Don’t need to be migrated as they aren’t required or can continue working with the legacy database. As part of our SAP on Azure Management services, we enable Azure metrics and Build Azure OMS dashboards to monitor core parameters including CPU, Memory and Disk utilization. Setup thresholds and configure Alerting systems to generate metric alerts and Azure service health alerts. The Linux kernel is the main component of a Linux operating system and is the core interface between a computer’s hardware and its processes.

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Create a center of excellence with a cross-functional team made up of IT, finance, and business owners. Document the business outcomes that you want to achieve and your motivations, such as exiting your datacenter, increasing cost saving, or designing for greater agility. Thanks to SAP Integration Suite, we were able to cut down our IT spend for integration middleware to between 50% and 60% of our annual total cost of ownership. At the same time, the ease of use and flexibility of the solution helped us go live in a matter of weeks. Optimize processes that cross lines of business and achieve competitive differentiation with SAP BTP embedded in SAP applications. I agree to Capgemini collecting and processing my personal data to allow me to receive information on Capgemini services.

We recognize that the cost of migration is a major challenge for some of our clients when considering modernizing your systems by moving them to the Cloud. Together with our partners, Lemongrass offers a number of financial incentives and accelerators aimed at reducing up-front investment requirements. We have clients in many different sectors, from the fast moving retail industry where agility is key, to the public sector which needs to be very cost focused.

Thus, it is mandatory to include the complete environment, SAP and integrated or dependent systems during the migration test. The best way is to use test automation to simulate the application program interfaces that allow interaction between the technologies and protocols used in the environment. It is wise to discover the glitches and fix them before migration.

SAP migrations are mission critical, hence they should be done within the specified time with the minimum risk and maximum flexibility. This brings in great financial gains because there is a huge decrease in operating expenses and a reduction in the usage of infrastructure. However, it is very important to carefully plan the migration or else you will end up with more costs, rather than a good return on investment.


Research from S&P Global found that moving applications to the cloud decreases the energy output of a workload to one-fifth of what it would require if run on-premise. A number of geopolitical factors have led to sustainability as a top business priority globally over the past several years. Cloud computing allows companies to significantly lower their energy use by eliminating inefficient on-site data centers.

This may also be a great time to consider a technical HANA migration if you are not already running on HANA. While it may seem logical to complete these separately, SAP migration to the cloud the process is very similar and will cut down on the amount of testing efforts. Ultimately you need to focus on your data, its size and how it is leveraged.

The number of SAP certified partners in Brazil has fallen from 165 in 2019 to 114 in 2022 because SAP is demanding more partner investments to develop industry-specific expertise, ISG says. The top 40 partners grew an average of 22 percent in 2021, partly by investing in training and education. On the entire stack and is the missing piece for full scaling in/out capabilities, a feature never heard of prior in SAP environments. With knowledge of your current SAP environment, the next thing to do is understand the options available and how closely they match what AWS offers.

Disaster recovery systems and replicated storage give much more control over critical data than their hardware equivalents, thus providing high availability and business continuity. A digital self-service platform enables the business to deliver simple self-service across mobile marketing, customer support, and marketing automation functions. Migrating SAP applications to the cloud would definitely be financially rewarding, infrastructure-wise beneficial, with elevated levels of flexibility for desired functions, combined with low operating costs. However, you need to have a good plan in hand and application readiness is mandatory. Entry-level set – The first level is more suitable for disengaged ventures.

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